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WeCAN Solutions Roundtables

After several months of Peer Learning Network (PLN) gatherings, we noticed a number of issues came up over and over. Housing access and quality, post-pandemic workforce shortages and a lack of mental health services are three of those issues. Our PLN participants suggested we  host a series of virtual summits on these and other issues going forward, "but," they said, "we don't want to just talk about the problems and why we have them. We want to hear about communities that are having success in addressing these challenges."  Thus, the Solutions Roundtable program featuring rural community leaders talking about how they solved some of these problems was launched in 2022.

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January 2022

Housing Solutions Roundtable

This roundtable featured solutions such as owner-built workforce housing in Red Lodge, workforce housing incentives for developers in McCall, an old building repurposed into apartments in Livingston, community-driven code-audit programs in Wyoming, and tiny home policies that can be adopted anywhere.

October 2022

Workforce Solutions Roundtable

This roundtable featured Deb Brown from SaveYour.Town who made the case for thinking differently about workers going forward as well as solutions such as training youth in conservation skills in southwest Montana, a skilled trades summer camp in Wyoming, the possibilities for cooperatives across industries and a retail operation that employs only people who are differently abled.

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February 8, 2024

Mental Health Solutions Roundtable

Find out how very small communities and rural regions are bootstrapping solutions to the crisis in mental health and suicide.

Learn more here.

Coming in 2024

Climate Resilient Agriculture Solutions Roundtable

WeCan is partnering with the newly launched Rocky Mountain Food Center to showcase the new practices, systems and technologies supporting food safety, security, access, and thriving rural economies.

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